Mission Statement

PATT {Preparing America's Tomorrow Today} is a National Heritage Foundation that provides students extraordinary exposure to opportunities, funding, lifelong experiences, employment and connections. The mission and programs of PATT increase a student's motivation and ability to pursue and obtain a post secondary education, and a viable career. PATT contributes, periodically, to a variety of charitable, educational, scientific and religious, and other activities, in underserved communities.

Belief Statement

PATT believes that life consists of a series of bridges that must be crossed, and challenges that must be negotiated. Students who affiliate with the foundation gain knowledge to help them conceive of, and achieve success in life Beyond the Bridge.

History and Establishment

Keith and Belinda Shannon founded PATT. Since 1992, they have assisted students in transition from high school to college, college to graduate school, and school to the workforce in America. PATT has been established to Reach and Inspire Students Everyday. Everyone in America does not have equal access to information concerning educational opportunities and experiences. PATT is determined to provide an avenue of access for much sought after information.

News and Events