Dr. Hobart S. Jarrett Scholarship

In honor of the life, work, and legacy of Dr. Hobart Sidney Jarrett, Ph.D., a scholarship has been established at Bennett College, where he served as Professor and Chair of Humanities Division.

Under the direction of Mrs. Gladys W. Jarrett, and the designated scholarship committee, Preparing America's Tomorrow Today will administer the

Dr. Hobart S. Jarrett Scholarship , to a student who emulates the qualities of excellence and service to mankind, which Dr. Jarrett stood for. (Read his Biography)

PATT is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1) organization, formed under and managed by the National Heritage Foundation (Federal Tax Identification Number 58-2085326). PATT provides students extraordinary exposure to opportunities, funding, lifelong experiences, employment and connections. Its mission and programs increase a student's motivation and ability to pursue and obtain a post secondary education, and a viable career. PATT contributes, periodically, to a variety of charitable, educational, scientific and religious, and other activities, in under served communities. The mission and goals of PATT are aligned with the work of Dr. Jarrett.

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