Reach and Inspire Students Everyday - When a student expresses interest in a career field, PATT networks, identifies and connects the student with students studying in that field and to professionals working in that field. The professionals identified will Reach and Inspire the student to establish short term, mid term and long term goals, intended to steer the student toward study in, entry into, and success in the career field of interest. RISE is the People 2 People Exchange Program in PATT. The People 2 People Exchange Program;

•  Connects students with professionals in communities who are working in careers the student is interested in pursuing

•  Links high school students to undergraduate students studying in their field of interest

•  Connects undergraduate students to graduate students studying in their field of interest

•  Steers students to Cultural Awareness Programs and opportunities involving International Relations and Travel Abroad

PATT Announces The 2006 Life Time Tour To Kenya Africa!


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