PATT Teaches students to utilize the Thomson/Peterson Guide to Higher Education. *

PATT Reaches students through referrals and relationships developed and sustained in families, communities and schools.

PATT Identifies students who are doing well academically and partners with parents, guardians, schools and community organizations to provide additional educational experiences and opportunities.

PATT Influences the decisions students make, about life after high school. Emphasis is placed on utilizing methods that interest students.

PATT Provides opportunity for students to gain practical life long experiences, and assists them in preparation for post secondary education and careers.

* The Thomson/Peterson Guide to Education outlines a step-by- step process that, if utilized, insures a student will be an attractive candidate to institutions of higher education, and employers. Students who follow this process will also obtain cutting edge tips on how to:

(1) Begin the process of preparing for and choosing a career,

(2) Make sound decisions about where to attend college, and what field of study to pursue,

(3) Finance a college or vocational education.

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